Monday June 26 to Friday August 18
Session 1: Monday June 26 to Friday July 21
Session II: Monday July 24 to Friday August 18

Chose your program to access lesson descriptions and sign up. IMPORTANT: To register for lessons, you must have a Family Membership. Junior Sailing is a benefit available exclusively to family members of the Old Cove Yacht Club. After you have selected your Junior Sailing School program, you will be asked to commit to an am or pm parent of the day session (one per family). You will be eligible for an early signup discount if you complete your registration before June 1st. Frequently Asked Questions about junior sailing at OCYC.The Old Cove YC Junior Sailing Parent Guide may be found here


What is the Guppy Program?

The Guppy Program is designed for children ages 5 to 7 and involves a variety of on-shore activities as well as introducing the participants to sailing in a relaxed and fun environment. Guppies should be able to swim and be comfortable floating in their PFDs. Guppy program details here

What is the Opti Program?

Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Racing classes focus on learning steering, sail trim, seamanship and racing in Optimist Dinghies. The Optimist is designed for children ages 7 to 15; kids can handle them without danger or fear. The Opti responds to and rewards the highest skills of even experienced sailors which is why the Optimist is sailed by over 300,000 young people in more than 90 countries. Program participants are encouraged to have their own Optis but Old Cove YC has some two dozen Optis which are made available on a first-registration basis. Opti program details here

What is the Laser Program?

The Laser Programs involve Beginner and Advanced Racing classes for those children who have either aged or sized out of Opti Racing and wish to continue single-handed sailing in the Olympic Class Laser. The Laser is a 14 foot, single person boat and depending on size and ability of the sailor offers three different sized rigs and sails to choose from. These are extremely fast planning boats and a challenge to sail. While Laser sailors are encouraged to have their own Laser, Old Cove YC has some ten Lasers with different rigs which are made available on a first registration basis.Laser program details here

What is the Club 420 Program?

Old Cove YC offers youth sailing classes for Beginners, Intermediates and Advanced Racers using the Club 420 (C420). These classes are for children ages 12 to 17 who have either never sailed before (Beginners) or have aged or sized out of Optis. The C420 is a 14 foot double-handed sloop- - i.e. has a crew of two. They have a mainsail, jib and spinnaker, and the crew uses a trapeze. The C420s are fast and exciting to sail. Old Cove YC has a dozen C420s which are available to course participants on a first-registration basis.Club 420 program details here

Can I also get Private Lessons?

Private Lessons are available to youth sailors who seek one-on-one practice ahead of a competition or wish to hone their sailing skills. The Old Cove YC Junior Sailing staff is happy to offer private instruction and small group sessions. For further information contact the Junior Sailing Director.